im claire and
killer queen is my favorite
have a good day. continue.

Aaaaaah happy birthday to me
Today was such a great day!! I was with all the people i loved aaaaaaaaaaah

Chiisana Inori
Fruits Basket ED1
Chiisana Inori
by Ritsuko Okazaki

Diabolik Lovers haunted dark bridal vc (x)

Studio Ghibli animation layouts from Ni no Kuni (ไบŒใƒŽๅ›ฝ), illustrated by Momose Yoshiyuki and featured in Momoseย Yoshiyukiย Studio Ghibli Works.

Giffany: Oh, Soos I am not an ordinary game. I amโ€ฆ special.
Soos: [โ€ฆ] W-what did you do to them?
Giffany: Thatโ€™s not important.